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  Custom Configured Mask Alignment Systems

Myriad Semiconductor provides custom configured mask aligners for production, R&D and university teaching environments. 

Or we can remanufacture your existing Kasper and Quintel mask aligners to extend the life of your current equipment.

Myriad has a large inventory of spare parts.  Myriad also provides PC board repair, field service and training.

With more than 31 years serving clients around the globe, we have a strong reputation of providing the highest quality products and support. 

            maskaligner.jpg (33400 bytes)
                   Myriad System 2001 Mask Aligner

Myriad Semiconductor
Bobby Hobbs, Owner
9355 Ventris Road
Garfield, Arkansas 
USA  72732
Phone: 479-359-0045
Fax:     479-359-0046
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We have spare parts for other types of semiconductor processing equipment. In addition we have a variety of electronic, electrical and mechanical components including integrated circuits, transistors, capacitors, sensors and switches. Please visit our Ebay store Myriad Surplus Store